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My wish is that will stimulate a dialogue centered around New Testament Christianity. For that reason, comments – both positive and negative – are encouraged. However, I need to set some ground rules, otherwise some conversations might turn into ‘shouting matches’ and disenchant other readers and commenters.

By commenting on my blog, you are agreeing to my comments policy:

1. Be a gentleman/gentlewoman. If you disagree with something I or someone else said, disagree without being disagreeable. Call me old fashioned, but I really do expect you to be polite.

2. Don’t be snarky. Please avoid being rude or employing non-friendly sarcasm. If your tone is downright ugly, it won’t be approved (unless your comment makes you look silly or nullifies your point, then I may go ahead and approve it).

3. Don’t be dirty. Vulgarity, even a hint, won’t stand a chance of being approved.

4. Stay on topic. If it isn’t relevant, it won’t be posted.

5. Keep it under 250 words (I once received a 2000+ comment; there’s no way I can post something that long). As a general rule, comments should be shorter than the article itself. If your comment is over 250 words, I will use my discretion on whether or not it will be published.

6. You assume responsibility for your words. I am not liable for any negative ramifications or emotional harm you may cause.

7. By commenting, you grant me license to use, store, print, repost, distribute, or reproduce whatever you post. I may use what you say in – but no limited to – a book, a magazine article, a blog post, or a sermon presentation. Don’t say anything you don’t want the world to see.

8. Don’t spam me. If you’re a bot, you’re going straight to my ‘spam’ folder.

9. This is my blog. At the end of the day, I reserve the right to moderate the conversation. If I don’t want to approve your comment, I don’t have to.

2 thoughts on “My Comments Policy

  1. Hannah, I love the Virtuous Woman in Proverbs:) I agree with you and here is my summation of her: ( This should be read to boys and girls because it describes what kind of woman a man should be looking for.)
    She is priceless! She isn’t lazy. She loves her family and she loves taking care of them. Her husband isn’t ashamed to introduce her to his friends. She is the first one up out of bed, and the last one to lie down at night. She can be trusted to handle her husband’s money, and he knows that he will have clean clothes in the drawer/closet and food in the pantry. She is a woman on call 24/7 for her family. To me she is a little bit intimidating! As women, we should all want to be like her:)
    Quote from James Dobson: “Let the wife make the husband glad to come home, and let him make her sorry to see him leave!”

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